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The 411: Would you get the LG Watch Phone?

Every two weeks, Nicole Lee answers your questions about cell phones and their accessories.

Nicole Lee Former Editor
Nicole Lee is a senior associate editor for CNET, covering cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and all things mobile. She's also a fan of comic books, video games, and of course, shiny gadgets.
Nicole Lee
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Welcome to the 411, my new Q&A column answering all your questions about cell phones and cell phone accessories. I receive plenty of questions about these subjects via e-mail, so I figured many of you might have the same questions, too. At times, I might solicit answers from readers if I'm stumped. Send your questions and comments to me at nicole.lee@cnet.com. If you prefer to remain anonymous, let me know in the e-mail.

LG EnV Touch Corinne Schulze/CNET

I'm looking to buy a new cellular phone, and seek your advice. I want the best CDMA (for Verizon) phone that isn't a BlackBerry or 3G/smartphone for plan purposes. I've pretty much come down to the Versa and the EnV Touch. I've found the EnV to be superior in terms of hardware specs, but it's difficult to know without reviewing them both myself. But you reviewed them both yourself! So you could help me! -- Dillen, via e-mail

I've answered this on the Dialed In podcast already, but thought it would be good to put this in the column as well. Both the LG Versa and the EnV Touch have pros and cons, but I tend to lean toward the EnV Touch for the better keyboard and design. The features are very similar, and the Versa is better if you like having optional modules and like to go without a keyboard every once in awhile. Still, the EnV Touch has a better camera and is a little more affordable. Perhaps we should have a Prizefight between the two phones--thanks for the idea!

I bought the Plantronics 925 and the thing would not stay in my ear for all the tea in China! Then I bought the Jawbone 2 and the over-the-ear mount keeps getting bent so easily and is not a snug or comfy fit over my ear. Once it gets bent you have to try to bend it back, which it will do but then it breaks! I MUST find a high-quality (at least 4 stars in your review--does anything merit 4.5 or 5?) Bluetooth headset with a durable and comfortable over-ear mount. Looks like the Plantronics 855 has that as the mount is thick.

Money is no object...after paying more than $200 for the 925 and Jawbone II (combined), I would be happy with one $200 device if it truly is comfortable, doesn't bend or break, and delivers on call quality, noise cancellation, and all the other expected bells and whistles. -- Chris, via e-mail

Hi Chris--You can take a look at our top Bluetooth headsets list to see several of our highest-rated headsets. There are three I particular like: the Plantronics Voyager Pro, Aliph Jawbone Prime, and BlueAnt Q1, each for different reasons. For the best comfort and call quality, my pick is the Plantronics Voyager Pro, though it is the bulkiest of the bunch. It definitely has the best performance of any headset I've tried to date.

LG GD910 Watchphone
LG GD910 Watchphone Nicole Lee/CNET

Do you have any news about the LG watchphone? Will the 3G frequency work here in the U.S.? Is it available yet? -- Anonymous, via e-mail

I guess you must be quite excited about the watchphone, Anonymous! Well it looks like the FCC has approved the LG GD910 Watchphone for use here in the U.S., so your wait might soon be over as far as availability goes. As far as I know, the LG GD910 watch phone will be able to use AT&T's 3G frequency (or at least that's what I was told at CES this year), but that could change I suppose.

In Europe,the LG GD910 is said to cost almost $1,500, but my guess is that price is before subsidization. Still, I can't imagine it'll be that much cheaper in the U.S. It's not available for sale here yet, but you could probably cough up the extra cash for an unlocked model if you so wish. How many of you readers would get the LG Watch phone, and how much would you pay for it? Please answer in the comments.