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The 2019 iPhone XI imagined in renders, even though it's only January

Would Apple release an iPhone with this funky triple-camera bump?


Check out that triple camera setup.


Is it too early to make 2019 iPhone predictions? Not according to phone renderer OnLeaks, who on Sunday released a hi-res video of what he thinks the iPhone XI will look like.

The video was released in conjunction with the publication Digit, which includes a handful of predictions for the upcoming iPhone. You can check out the video below:

The highlight seems to be the inclusion of a triple rear camera. Other phone manufacturers (such as Samsung and Huawei) have released triple-camera phones and persistent rumors say Apple may follow suit this year. The proposed design solution is a square camera bump, much wider than the bump on the iPhone XS.

OnLeaks has a history of rendering upcoming phones before their release, but since this one comes long before the next iPhone is expected (Apple usually announces new iPhones in September), he adds that the design may be subject to change. So it's best to take these renders with a grain of salt.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.