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1 car, 2 politicians and Facebook Live: What could go wrong?

Two congressmen live stream their road trip from Texas to Washington. There's lots of talk about policy, chocolate chip cookies and David Bowie.

A Democrat and a Republican host a mobile town hall with Facebook Live while driving to D.C.

Two US congressmen used an impromptu road trip to Washington to answer questions on Facebook Live.

After Texas Reps. Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat, and Will Hurd, a Republican, had their flights canceled Tuesday because of a blizzard, they decided to hop in a car and drive from San Antonio, Texas, to Washington to be present for votes at the capitol on Wednesday.

The journey turned into a mobile town hall with the two answering policy questions and talking about everything from using a FitBit to cookies to ideal driving positions. The candid tone makes the live video surprisingly compelling.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg even shared the live video in a post:


Mark Zuckerberg praises the congressmen's use of Facebook Live for civil discussion.


So how is the journey going? Is there lots of fights and yelling? Spoiler alert: The two legislators get along really well and have polite and engaging policy discussions. Perhaps more policy talks should take place on long road trips?

You can follow their journey on Facebook Live or using the hashtags: #CongressionalCannonballRun #BipartisanRoadtrip.