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Tesco Mobile's iPhone 4 prices: 12 month contracts ahoy!

Tesco Mobile has kept it simple with three iPhone 4 deals -- and two of them are just 12 months long, making it the first network to offer year-long deals

It's only a few hours until the iPhone 4 arrives in shops, and Tesco Mobile is cutting it close with the announcement of its tariffs for Apple's next-gen blower.

After doing some funky stuff with deals on the iPhone 3GS, Britain's most galactically huge retailer has stuck to a familiar pricing structure this time around. Rather than a mix of calls and texts up to a price limit, there's a standard range of three contracts available. But here's a lovely surprise -- two of the deals are just 12 months long, which makes Tesco Mobile the only carrier so far to offer the iPhone 4 on a one-year deal.

We've updated our iPhone 4 price comparison to reflect these latest deals -- keep your eye on it as we wait for more news from 3 and T-Mobile.

Tesco Mobile will also give you 1,000 Clubcard points (worth £10, or redeemable for special offers) for signing up, and triple points for the money you spend paying your bill. 

This info hasn't made it on to the Tesco Web site yet, but until then, here's the full info: 

12 month iPhone 4 tariffs

24 month iPhone 4 tariffs