Tesco iPhone app scans barcodes for online shopping in your pocket

Bing-bong! Attention shoppers: you can now scan Tesco products with your iPhone and have them delivered straight to your door.

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Bing-bong! Attention shoppers: you can now scan products with your iPhone and have them delivered straight to your door. Tesco has added a barcode reader to its iPhone app that allows you to build a shopping list by scanning real items.

As you drain the last of the milk, develop a taste for a fruity Sauvignon served up by a friend, or discover someone's put an empty box of cereal back in the cupboard, simply scan the barcode on the packaging and it's added to your online shopping basket. Once you hit the digital checkout and pay for your shopping, everything is conveniently delivered to your door.

If you're feeling lazy, you could wander round Tesco scanning things, and not have to cart it all home. If you're in the mood for some supermarket guerilla warfare, you could waft around a different supermarket scanning stuff, thus giving people the impression you are a discerning, classy Waitrose type, while secretly taking advantage of Tesco prices. (This only works for stuff that both shops sell, obviously.)

The app also lets you search, buy and bookmark products, and book a delivery time.

Ordering through the app happily earns you double Clubcard points. If you choose to do your shopping in person, a separate Clubcard app lets check-out staff scan your phone to snaffle up points.

Other supermarkets' apps are distinctively bargain-basement affairs. The Sainsbury's app locates stores and tells you about offers, but doesn't let you shop. A Nectar app lets you keep track of your bonus card points and what they're worth. The Waitrose app merely offers posh recipes, although you can buy Waitrose products through the well-designed Ocado online shopping app. Aldi, Lidl and Iceland haven't bothered with apps, clearly realising iPhone owners wouldn't be seen dead in their stores.