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Tesco Hudl supermarket slate to take on Nexus 7 for £100

The Tesco Hudl is a supermarket slate taking on Google Nexus 7 before Christmas for as little as £100.

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Richard Trenholm
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Would you toss a Tesco tablet in your trolley? The supermarket slate challenging the Google Nexus 7 is reported to be called the Tesco Hudl, and could cost as little as £100.

The Guardian reports that the Hudl will be a 7-inch slate built by a Chinese manufacturer. It's expected to be on sale before Christmas.

Industry experts believe the Hudl will cost a checkout-tastic £100 or so.

It's in direct competition with the 7-inch-ish likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab range, the Apple iPad mini and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, the latter two of which are expected to be updated in coming months. And then there's the new Nexus 7, which goes on sale in the UK next week and brings the latest version of Android.

There's a bargain aisle full of cheap Android tablets out there, blighted with dodgy build quality, ancient Android software and no access to the Google Play app store. The Hudl will have to do better than that if it's to compete with the Nexus et al.

Like the Kindle Fire HD, the Tesco Hudl is expected to put its own services front and centre. The Kindle Fire is an Android tablet but unlike most has a heavily-customised interface that squirts Amazon movies, books, music and other Amazon gubbins right into your eyeballs. The Tesco tablet could do the same with Blinkbox, the movie and TV streaming service owned by the supermarket and the only place in the UK to watch Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire online.

I'm speculating wildly here, but Tesco already has a mobile phone network, Tesco Mobile, and Internet service, so I'm guessing the Hudl could be made available as part of an Internet or mobile deal.

Would you buy a Tesco tablet if the price was right, or is a supermarket slate too embarrassing to be seen with? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or post five opinions or less in our Facebook aisle.