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Telstra offers new customers 500MB bonus data or $500 worth of calls

New Telstra customers are being given an extra incentive to sign up to a plan.


Telstra is boosting its offering for new customers with an upgrade deal on its suite of Mobile Accelerate Plans.

Customers that sign up to a new Mobile Accelerate Plan can choose between 500MB of extra data (for use within Australia) or $500 worth of calls and MMS, both of which will be available for the life of the contract.

The Telstra Upgrade offer is available to customers who sign up for an eligible plan from July 29, 2014, and the extra call value can be used only for calls and MMS to standard Australian numbers (texts are already covered as part of Telstra's unlimited SMS offering).

The upgrade is in addition to a bonus recently announced by Telstra offering unlimited calls and MMS (to standard Australian numbers) as well as an extra 25GB of data for use in the first month.

There are more details on the add-ons and all the Mobile Accelerate Plan inclusions (and exclusions) on Telstra's website.