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Tekkeon MyPower for iPhone 4: Double the talk time, for a price

This rechargeable battery case adds less than two ounces of travel weight and features swappable battery modules. Cool, right? Just be prepared for sticker shock.

The Tekkeon myPower for iPhone offers smart supplemental power, but it's mighty pricey.
The Tekkeon myPower for iPhone offers smart supplemental power, but it's mighty pricey. Tekkeon

If you're constantly fighting the low-battery blues, you might want to consider switching to a case that provides supplemental power.

The Tekkeon MyPower MP1280 for iPhone 4 is one such case. It provides not only protection, but also 1200 mAh' worth of extra juice--enough to nearly double your iPhone's talk time.

Just one problem: it's crazy-expensive.

The MyPower arrived almost fully charged, which I appreciated. It's a two-piece case, with Tekkeon's impossibly lightweight battery squeezed into the upper section. I say "impossibly lightweight" because the entire thing weighs just 1.8 ounces.

Also, it's tapered at the back, so although it adds roughly 50 percent more thickness to the iPhone, you hardly notice it. Likewise, the MyPower adds just half an inch of length thanks to a smartly designed bottom section.

That section, which plugs into the iPhone's dock port, provides front-facing pass-throughs for the microphone and speaker. That's a nice perk for the latter, as sound is now directed toward you. There's also an on-off switch, a power LED, and a Micro-USB port used for charging the case and syncing the iPhone. (You don't have to remove the case to sync. Bonus!)

Two clever design amenities help separate the myPower from the crowded field of battery cases. First, when you flip the on-off switch, the case powers the iPhone directly, rather than charging its battery. That's smart because it saves said battery from added charging/discharging, thereby extending its overall life.

Second, you can buy extra battery modules (i.e. extra "upper sections" for the case), thereby making even more spare power available when you're on the go.

Tekkeon offers the MyPower in three colors: black, white, and red. It comes with clear-plastic protectors for both the front and back of the iPhone. Ultimately, it's one of the slimmest, lightest, and smartest battery cases I've seen.

Now for the bad news: it costs $79.95. Extra battery modules run $24.95 apiece. Both prices strike me as out of whack, especially when you can buy a similar iPhone battery case for as little as $21.59 shipped.

In an ideal world, the MyPower for iPhone would sell for about half the price. And speaking of ideal, I wish I could somehow combine it with my current all-time favorite case, the Zero Chroma Teatro. Why can't I get a battery case with a built-in kickstand?!

What do you think of the MyPower? Is it worth 80 bucks, or does Tekkeon need to rethink that price tag? Share your thoughts in the comments!