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Target recalls Heyday-brand iPhone charging cables over shock, fire hazards

The recall covers about 90,000 3-foot Lightning cables.

About 90,000 Heyday charging cables have been recalled.
US Consumer Product Safety Commission

If you own a colorful Heyday iPhone charging cable from Target, you may need to stop using it and return it ASAP. 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sent a recall notice this week for Heyday's 3-foot Lighting cables due to potential shock and fire hazards. Heyday is Target's house brand for electronics. 

According to the commission, the recall covers about 90,000 metal charging cables that are "purple, green and blue iridescent." Anyone who purchased one at Target should bring it back to the store for a refund.

Target acknowledged the issue on its website. Target sold the cables from June 2018 through January 2019 for about $15.

The CPSC notes that the "metal around the cord can become electrically charged if it contacts the USB wall charger plug prongs while charging, posing shock and fire hazards." The CPSC said the retailer has "received 14 reports of the cables smoking, sparking or igniting, including two reports of consumer finger burns."

Target still sells other Heyday Lightning cables, though the cables still being sold apparently feature different designs. Heyday's cables are listed as MFi-certified. Apple's MFi, or "made for iPhone/iPad/iPod," means a product is licensed as compatible with Apple's mobile devices.