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Tamagotchi smartwatch will let you live your '90s dream

Now you can wear your electronic pet on your wrist, and use the touchscreen to pet it.

Tamagotchi smartwatch
Tamagotchi Smart is coming out in November.

The Tamagotchi is back for its 25th anniversary -- this time as a wearable. Now you can raise your mini electronic pet right from your wrist, and use a microphone to call out to it and the touchscreen to pet it.  

The original Tamagotchi debuted in November 1996 as an electronic toy for kids. Coming from Japanese toy maker Bandai, the Tamagotchi smartwatch, spotted earlier Thursday by Kotaku, features a touchscreen LCD and up to 30 hours of battery life before needing to be recharged via USB.

For now, the Tamagotchi smartwatch will be sold by lottery -- you can apply between June 17 and July 2, with the winners announced later in July. For everyone else, the wearable goes on sale Nov. 23. It'll cost 7,480 yen (approximately $68), and you can also purchase additional "smart cards" for 1,100 yen (about $10) that you can insert into the smartwatch.

The Tamagotchi Sweets Friends card will give you themed items like sweets and desserts to feed your little pocket pet, as well as a mini game. The Tamagotchi Rainbow Friends card includes rainbow and unicorn theming like a new clock screen, and food and items for your pet.