T-Pain's Booty Symphony Android app scrapes bottom of the remix barrel

Conduct 30-second music videos from the US rapper's label by 'tapping booty', and upload your own rump-shaking videos to add to the fun. It's Android-only for now.

Stuart Dredge
2 min read

Android app Booty Symphony proves -- if there was any doubt -- that when Americans hear the word 'booty', their first thought is nothing to do with piratical treasure. US rapper T-Pain's new musical remix app is all about big butts. No, we most certainly cannot lie.

The app came out this morning, with an exclusive free version on the GetJar app store, and a paid version on Android. Although clearly targeted at T-Pain's US fans, the app is also available in the UK Android Market for £1.89.

You start by choosing a song, chosen from the three available at launch from artists on T-Pain's own Nappy Boy Entertainment label. What you get are 30-second video clips of women -- had you guessed it would be women? -- shaking their derrieres in time to the music. As the app's blurb explains: "Every time you tap a booty, a new sound and rump-shaking visual is added to the mix."

You can also upload your own "juicy videos" to be used in the application, although given the majority of users are likely to be the kind of men eager to watch wobbling ass on their Android phones, those user-generated vids surely won't be a pretty sight.

Finished video remixes can be uploaded to YouTube, and then shared on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, your mum and gran are on Facebook. Just saying.

The only problem? We can't get Booty Symphony to work on our Nexus One: it gets halfway through downloading one of the sample songs, before telling us it can't continue without a Wi-Fi connection -- even though that's what our handset is using.

Given that we paid for the app and the Nexus One is hardly an obscure Android phone, that's disappointing. Here's a video demo to show how it should work, though:

T-Pain had a monster hit on iPhone with the I Am T-Pain app, which was developed by Smule, the company behind the Ocarina, Glee and Leaf Trombone apps. Booty Symphony is the work of a different developer, Vringo -- best known for its video ringtones service.

It's interesting that Booty Symphony is on Android rather than iPhone. Is Google's OS finally catching up in terms of having the hottest new apps? Or perhaps Vringo and Nappy Boy didn't fancy trying to get bouncing bums through Apple's approval process.