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T-Mobile's possible no-contract pricing details divulged

Days before the mobile carrier is expected to announce its new "Uncarrier" price plans, some suspected particulars are revealed.

One of T-Mobile's retail stores. T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile announced in December that it would eliminate subsidies on cell phones this year, hinting that it would also switch up its mobile plans and go no-contract. Now, it's expected that the carrier will debut its new plans at an event scheduled for March 26.

However, TMoNews seems to have gotten its hands on at least some of the pricing information a week in advance.

According to a TMoNews, T-Mobile will be offering two types of plans: the "Uncarrier classic," which will be offered by national retailers like Target and Best Buy, and "Value" plans offered in the carrier's own stores.

So far, only pricing for the alleged "Uncarrier classic" has been made available. In a document posted on TMoNews, individual plans range from $60 per month for 500MB of data to $130 per month for 12GB of data. Additionally, unlimited talk and text will be free in all of the carrier's data plans. Unlimited data is also available at $90 a month, but doesn't come with hotspot functionality.

If the rumor mill is correct, these plans won't be tied to a two-year contract. Instead, T-Mobile will move completely to the Classic and Value plans and let customers pay for their devices by the month, or bring their own unlocked devices to the carrier.

Besides announcing new pricing plans at its March 26 event, it is expected that T-Mobile will also discuss the creation of its new high-speed network, which is reportedly a hybrid between 4G LTE and 42Mbps GSM. The company began rolling out software updates to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices yesterday, which enables support for 4G LTE.