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T-Mobile will stop taking new Sprint customers Aug. 2, new deals coming soon

The unification of T-Mobile and Sprint is happening in August.

After merging with Sprint in April, T-Mobile will unify its branding in August.
Angela Lang/CNET

Although T-Mobile focused on its new robocall and spam protection features at its event on Thursday, the self-proclaimed "un-carrier" had some other news to share. Beginning Aug. 2, the carrier will combine its main T-Mobile brand with Sprint's, completing a long process that first began with the companies' merger ananouncement in 2018, before the deal finally closed this past April

As part of this process, a company press release states that T-Mobile's brand will become the main focus, with Sprint stores rebranding "with a fresh coat of magenta paint." 

The carrier also teases that "fresh deals" are "on the way" to coincide with the unification of the company, adding that these "new, aggressive offers" will be announced next week "saving people money, challenging the competition and raising the bar for the industry." 

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T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert told CNET that Sprint will no longer be accepting new customers after Aug. 2. He adds, however, that while Sprint-branded stores will be going away, the company isn't "sunsetting the brand." 

"We have tens of millions of people who are on Sprint, who chose Sprint on purpose. And they're going to learn, and they are already learning, that that's part of T-Mobile now," Sievert said. "But we're not going to turn off that brand association because it's what they bought and it's still who we are.

"We haven't actually decided whether or not there will be a role for Sprint in some go-to-market way in the future," he added. "But starting on Aug. 2 it certainly won't be our mainstream flagship approach."