T-Mobile upgrades its 55 Plus plans to include Max tier and free Netflix

The Max tier includes no throttling, even when using the carrier's 5G network.

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T-Mobile has introduced its new mobile plans for those aged 55 and up.
Angela Lang/CNET

T-Mobile has unveiled its new plans for the over-55 crowd, introducing a Max tier to its Magenta Unlimited 55 plan with unlimited premium data -- so no throttling even when using 5G. The carrier's customers will also be able to add up to four lines to the Magenta Unlimited 55 plans.

T-Mobile is including Netflix Basic, which usually costs $9 a month, in its Magenta Unlimited 55 plans, and Netflix Premium (usually $14 a month) on family plans for Magenta Max Unlimited 55.

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More details of the T-Mobile 55 Plus plans are below.

Magenta Unlimited 55:

  • $35/line.
  • 100GB premium data.
  • 5GB mobile hotspot.

Magenta Max Unlimited 55:

  • $45/line.
  • Unlimited premium data.
  • 40GB mobile hotspot.

The news comes after T-Mobile earlier this week announced its new Magenta plans