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T-Mobile to end grandfathered plans in November

The company says that it'll offer similar or even better features in plans that will cost customers around the same price.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere.
T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Lori Grunin/CNET

T-Mobile has decided to ax grandfathered plans and fit its current customers into its existing plans.

The company confirmed to Engadget on Tuesday that starting November 1, existing customers on its older plans will be moved into another option that has "similar or better features at a comparable price." T-Mobile didn't say exactly how it goes about determining what's best for individual customers.

T-Mobile's confirmation of the change comes just after a commenter on the Howard Forums posted a letter they received from T-Mobile. The letter indicates that T-Mobile chose "the closest match" for the customer, which in this case, was its $45-per-month Select Value option.

In March, T-Mobile announced a major change to its plan structure. The company eliminated device subsidies, but offered unlimited data, voice, and texting at reduced rates. The move allowed those who already had plans to stay with them, but new customers had to adopt the new options.

Now that T-Mobile is moving everyone to its new plans, the company seems to be expecting at least some fallout. In its letter to customers, T-Mobile said that those who want to cancel their service because they're displeased with the switch can do so without penalty until February 1.