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T-Mobile snaps up a Samsung Bluetooth headset trio

Three new Bluetooth headsets are coming to T-Mobile; one is available now, and the other two will arrive in the coming weeks.

Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth headset
Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth headset Samsung

Look for three new Samsung Bluetooth headsets to arrive on T-Mobile and Samsung's virtual and retail shelves: the HM3700 ($59.99), HS3000 ($69.99), and HM1700 ($39.99).

The HM3700 is a dual headset with mono and stereo modes. Similar to the Samsung Modus series, it combines noise cancellation (dual mic and echo) with the ability to stream stereo audio. It accepts voice prompts and voice commands, and is further compatible with the Samsung FreeSync companion app for Android phones, which features text-to-speech messaging and readouts and caller ID services. The black, higher-end HM3700 comes with a set of earbuds for initiating stereo mode, and is available starting today.

The other two models, on the other hand, won't be available for several weeks. In the meantime, here's what we know. The Samsung HS3000 is a clip-on stereo Bluetooth headset that also comes with stereo earbuds. Like the HM3700, it supports active pairing and media streaming, but with single-mic noise cancellation. The black and gray HS3000 supports an optional APT-X codec for lossless stereo streaming.

The HM1700, the simplest and least pricey of the bunch, is a mono Bluetooth headset. Features include single-mic noise cancellation and wind reduction (up to 6 mph), along with voice prompt support. The brushed metal headset comes in magenta (pictured) or gray.