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T-Mobile sees a net 350 jobs eliminated from restructuring

The company plans to eliminate 900 jobs, but hire 550 new positions as part of an overhaul of the business.

Philipp Humm, T-Mobile USA CEO, has a lot of work cut out for him.
T-Mobile USA

For T-Mobile, restructuring isn't just code for layoffs.

The carrier, in the middle of a massive overhaul of the business, said it would eliminate 900 jobs, as CNET previously reported, but hire 550 new positions. The new jobs will support its new business and strategic opportunities.

T-Mobile, a unit of Deutsche Telekom, has been busy trying to get back into aggressive challenger mode after its takeover deal with AT&T collapsed. To better compete with its larger rivals, the company has embarked on a plan to upgrade its existing network this year and move to 4G LTE next year.

The company also plans to expand its wholesale and business-to-business segments, and will likely hire for those areas. A majority of the new hires will be in the Puget Sound area in Seattle. There's no word on the timing for the new jobs, but the carrier said it would move quick to add the positions.

T-Mobile said the jobs are in addition to the 1,000 new business-to-business sales representatives it plans to hire in the coming years.

"We are restructuring the organization and optimizing operations so that we can make critical decisions better and faster in response to market and customer demands," the company said in a statement today.