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T-Mobile may soon offer installment plans for accessories

The 'Uncarrier' could accelerate accessories sales by splitting up your payments over time.

T-Mobile may soon let customers spread out the cost of accessories such as the Beats HD Solo headpones. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is about to make it easier to purchase a smartwatch or headphones when buying a smartphone, according to a TmoNews report.

According to an internal document allegedly leaked to the tech blog, T-Mobile will soon let customers split up the cost of accessories over monthly installments, just as customers can do when paying for phones. The new program could take effect later this month, perhaps as soon as July 20.

The move makes sense for the self-proclaimed Uncarrier, which is looking to boost accessories sales. Instead of plunking down $300 up front on an add-on such as Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch or a pair of Beats headphones, customers may be more likely to sign on for a $13 monthly commitment for 24 months on top of what they pay for the phone.