T-Mobile marketing chief steps down, DJ reports

Chief marketing officer Cole Brodman steps down after 17 years with the company just as T-Mobile re-embraces its challenger role in the wireless industry.

T-Mobile USA is shaking up its marketing strategy, which includes the departure of veteran executive and chief marketing officer, Cole Brodman.

Cole Brodman, T-Mobile CMO
Cole Brodman, pictured here at Mobilize 2011, is stepping down as marketing chief. James Martin/CNET

Brodman, who has held various positions and has been with T-Mobile for 17 years, will step down, effective May 25, according to the Dow Jones Newswires.

His departure comes as T-Mobile looks to retake its position in the wireless industry as the upstart and disruptive challenger. The carrier, a unit of Germany's Deutsche Telekom, recently took its once sweet television spokeswoman, Carly, and put her in leather and on a motorcycle, signalling a more aggressive, competitive stance.

Brodman has often served as the face of the company for consumers. He was the one who had to answer the criticism leveled on T-Mobile when it increasingly became clear that the carrier would not be getting the iPhone.

T-Mobile's plans for a comeback were largely put on hold last year after AT&T said it would buy the company. But with the merger falling apart and T-Mobile getting a handsome sum via the breakup fee, the carrier is back on its own. It recently unveiled plans to upgrade its network to 4G LTE next year, following the rest of the U.S. carriers into the next-generation standard.

T-Mobile will look to reverse the loss of subscribers it suffered from last year. The carrier and its parent will report their first-quarter results next week.