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T-Mobile is taking up to $500 off a second LG G6 or V20 phone

If you add a line, you'll get a rebate for the second phone.

T-Mobile Announces First Quarter Earning Results
T-Mobile is offering money back on a second LG G6 or V20 phone.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

One phone not enough for you?

You can snag a second LG G6 or V20 on T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan when you add a line, the company said Friday.

The LG G6 is available for $20 down and $20 a month, while the V20 is available for $0 down and $20 a month.

But the second phone isn't free immediately. T-Mobile will send you a prepaid MasterCard for up to $500 as a rebate on that phone.