T-Mobile iPhone 4 pricing announced: Hope you're not a fan of money

T-Mobile has finally got around to unveiling its iPhone 4 price plans, and we're fuming at how high they seem to be, considering the network is late to the iPhone 4 party

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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iPhone 4? Oh yeah, that old thing. T-Mobile has finally unveiled its price plans for Apple's latest Jesus phone, and -- good news! -- it's kinda expensive.

Yes, T-Mobile customers eager to be parted from their hard-earned cash will be delighted to hear that if you're after a 16GB iPhone 4 and fancy paying £25 per month (the lowest monthly price available) you'll get a whopping 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500MB of data for an upfront cost of £259.

If you're after the 32GB model, on that same monthly deal, expect to cough up £349 at point of purchase. Oh, and did we mention these are all 24-month contracts? T-Mobile doesn't seem to be offering any 12- or 18-month contracts at all.

The only way to get a free iPhone 4 is to plump for the the 16GB model and pay a whopping £60 per month, for two years. Your £1,440 will nab you 500 texts, 1GB of data and unlimited minutes.

It's a far cry from the £20 per month, 12-month contract on offer from Tesco, that's for sure. See how T-Mobile's prices compare with other networks in our simply incredible iPhone 4 price comparison article.

This will doubtless come as something of a blow to loyal T-Mobile customers -- we had hoped that coming in late to the party would inspire the network to undercut the competition.

What are your thoughts on these price plans? Is this just a lot of money for old rope? (We don't know what that means, our dad said it once and it sounded clever.)