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T-Mobile in the pink with Nokia 6111 and LG C3300

Stumped for gift ideas for your loved one? T-Mobile makes it a no-brainer by releasing pink versions of two of its most popular handsets

There are all manner of ways to express your undying affection for a loved one. You can buy flowers, take her/him/it to an expensive restaurant, to the theatre or simply spend the night at home with a few candles, a home-cooked meal and some goodies from Ann Summers.

Failing that, you could always help the flight of Cupid's bow by investing in one of the newest pink handsets from T-Mobile. The first of these is the undeniably stylish Nokia 6111, which has a fancy front-slide action, a 1-megapixel camera with 6x digital zoom, infrared, Bluetooth and a handy vibrate feature.

The second is the LG C3300, which we reviewed here. This clamshell handset is a little less pink than the 6111, but it's still pink enough to make the Valentine's Day cut and also sports a petite, curvaceous frame. T-Mobile says it's "ideal for social animals on the move", but we're willing to bet you can use it while standing still, too.

The Nokia 6111 and LG C3300 retail for £179 and £69 respectively on T-Mobile Pay as you go. Buy one now before you get dumped. -RR