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T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1 Android phones

Android phones have reached an important milestone, with the sale of the 1 millionth G1 phone by T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile USA has sold 1 million G1 Android phones, six months after launching the product.

T-Mobile corporate parent Deutsche Telekom revealed the number as part of its earnings announcement earlier this week, as spotted by Telephony Unfiltered. The G1 was released in October and accounts for about two-thirds of all the 3G phones running on T-Mobile's network.

It's an important milestone for both T-Mobile and Google, and a little surprising that it went undiscovered for several days. Android phones are also available in other parts of the world, but both Google and T-Mobile have put a ton of weight behind their efforts in the U.S. They have yet to capture the public's attention the way the iPhone did when it was originally released: Apple sold 1 million iPhones in about two months, and 1 million iPhone 3Gs in its first weekend.

The news comes as a recent report from AdMob shows that Android now owns about 6 percent of the U.S. smartphone market as measured by operating systems. That puts it in fourth place, behind the iPhone, the BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones, in that order.

T-Mobile and Google may have sold 1 million G1 phones in the U.S., but they've got a way to go to catch Apple's iPhone. AdMob