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T-Mobile gets Betty Crocker on 5G bandwagon with sweet new layer cake

Because why not?

Would you bake this cake?

The unlikely duo of T-Mobile and Betty Crocker is the latest thing to come out of 2020, and with it, a layer cake dedicated to 5G connectivity. The mobile carrier is using baking to break down why its spectrum is the one customers should go with. 

"When it comes to 5G, you've got to have layers -- low band, mid band and high band make for a tasty cake," Neville Ray, president of technology at T-Mobile, said in a release on Monday.

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On the package, the three-layer Supercharged 5G Un-carrier Layer Cake is T-Mobile magenta. Each layer has something written on it in icing --"Low band nationwide," "mid-band metro," and "mmW dense urban." The packets of cake mix to make the 5G layer cake are available free to select customers online for a limited time. 

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CNET took a peek at T-Mobile's link, and at the time of publication, the carrier was already out of cake mix. It's unclear if the mix will come back in stock, but 5G enthusiasts with a penchant for baking can keep an eye on T-Mobile's Twitter page for updates. 

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