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T-Mobile G2X out of stock, on the mend

The popular T-Mobile G2X has been pulled from T-Mobile's online store, reportedly for inventory issues, but also perhaps to fix a few bugs.

T-Mobile G2X is temporarily out of stock
T-Mobile G2X is temporarily out of stock
Josh Miller/CNET

The T-Mobile G2X is currently temporarily out of stock via the online store, leading many people to speculate that the carrier has taken the phone off shelves to work on a few bugs such as random resets. While we haven't experienced these problems with our review units, we have heard a few comments from readers who have.

Yesterday we received this comment from T-Mobile, stating that the phone is out of stock due to inventory issues:

"The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address."

Still, we suspect there's probably an additional QA check to ensure that future models have the latest software that might help prevent these bugs. Are there any G2X owners out there who have had problems? Let us know.