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T-Mobile G1: Google Android phone to launch tomorrow

Tomorrow T-Mobile will unveil the first phone to sport Android, the mobile operating system from Google that has the potential to take on the iPhone

As if it wasn't enough to be the world's largest search engine, Google is set to take over the mobile phone market with its mobile operating system, called Android. Tomorrow, T-Mobile will announce the first phone to run Android -- according to several sources, it will be called the HTC Dream G1.

Chances are HTC may launch a SIM-free version of the G1 later on this year, but for now it looks like the G1 is a T-Mobile exclusive.

These leaked images of the G1, courtesy of a blogger calling himself rizzn, have been appearing all over the Web, revealing a touchscreen device with a slide-out Qwerty keypad. It's not exactly as sexy-looking as the iPhone, but with the slide-out Qwerty keypad it could well be much easier to compose emails and text messages on.

It's uncertain how much the G1 will cost and when it'll be available to buy, but we think it'll be cheaper than the iPhone and should hit the high street early next month. Having tested out Android briefly earlier this year, we can say that it will make light work of using advanced features. For more information and official pictures of the G1, make sure you visit Crave tomorrow when we'll be posting the story live from the launch event. -Andrew Lim

Update: We've had our hands-on the T-Mobile G1 with Google Android. Click for more pics.