Sync calls across your devices with T-Mobile next week

Service will sync calls and texts to your number across different phone carriers, smartwatches and computers.

Carrying numbers across devices will be happening very soon for T-Mobile customers.

A new service that syncs your calls and texts across multiple devices is coming soon to T-Mobile. It's also mostly free.

With Digits, your phone number works on compatible internet-connected devices. It's been in beta this year, but it's coming to the US starting May 31. It sounds like great news for anyone who's juggling extra phones, tablets or even cellular-enabled smartwatches if you're the rare person who wears one.

Digits details are fully broken down here. Any T-Mobile number gets Digits for free. Getting an extra phone number with Digits cost $10 a month. If you have a T-Mobile One plan and upgrade to One Plus or an International plan, you'll get an extra Digits-ready phone number free. If you've got a smartwatch, you'll need a data-enabled Digits hookup, which will cost $10 a month.

T-Mobile's version of the service even works on other carriers, unlike AT&T's NumberSync. Digits works automatically on some devices (such as Samsung's recent Galaxy phones) and will work via an app on any device on another network -- although it will use carrier data for calls and texts.

Specs and compatibility

  • iOS 9 and later and Android 5.0 and later can use the app.
  • Digits also works with a PC or Mac browser (Chrome, Firefox).
  • Galaxy S6 and LG G5 phones and later have Digits built-in, no app needed.