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T-Mobile counts down to Motorola Cliq presales

T-Mobile sets up a promo page on its Web site counting down to presale orders of the Android-powered Motorola Cliq.

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Bonnie Cha
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For those of you waiting for the Motorola Cliq, it looks like you're about 19 days away...from presales. T-Mobile has thrown up a promo page on its Web site, teasing the countdown to presales of the Cliq. Unfortunately, there's still no official word about a specific release date or pricing, but the smartphone is expected for the holiday season.

Dubbed as the first phone with social skills, the Cliq is Moto's first Google Android device and features the company's Motoblur software, which brings a number of social networking features to the Android platform. The Motorola Cliq debuted in early September at the Mobilize 09 conference.

(Source: TmoNews via Engadget Mobile)