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T-Mobile corrects reports on Wi-Fi calling for Nexus 4

Though support documents posted this morning suggested the Nexus 4 could support Wi-Fi calling, T-Mobile has confirmed that the Android phone will not have the feature.


Editor's note: T-Mobile has confirmed that the Nexus 4 will not support Wi-Fi calling. The carrier has corrected the support documents, which a spokesman said were originally posted with incorrect information.

It appears that the T-Mobile version of the Nexus 4 will support Wi-Fi calling after all. Provided online support documents for the handset prove to be accurate, the new LG smartphone will allow T-Mobile customers the option to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi connections.

The feature, which lets users take advantage of their own network instead of relying on T-Mobile's towers, can often provide a stronger signal. Understandably, this is a boon to folks living in areas where T-Mobile airwaves are tough, even impossible to catch.

As indicated in the online documents, the Nexus 4 is equipped to handle such service and only requires that the consumer has a GBA SIM card. Unless otherwise specified, Wi-Fi calling counts the same as calls made on T-Mobile's cellular network. What's more, calls initiated on Wi-Fi networks will not hand off to cell towers and will simply drop when out of range.

Judging by the phrasing of the online form, it's possible this could simply be a case of boilerplate text. With no specific reference to the Nexus 4, though, it's reasonable to assume this may be an oversight.