T-Mobile continues adding phone, home broadband subscribers as it reports third-quarter earnings

The carrier now has nearly 107 million users.

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Eli Blumenthal
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T-Mobile has continued adding customers to its network, announcing on Tuesday that it brought on 673,000 postpaid phone customers during its third-quarter earnings. 

The carrier added a total of 1.3 million postpaid users to its network during the period. Postpaid customers, who pay at the end of the month, are valued more highly by the investment community as a key metric for wireless carrier success. 

During the same quarter, AT&T added 928,000 postpaid phone customers while Verizon added 429,000 postpaid phone users. 

Beyond the phone users, T-Mobile said that it added 586,000 other postpaid customers, including a "record-high" number of home internet users. The carrier launched a home internet product earlier this year that utilizes its 4G and 5G networks to offer home broadband access in place of a traditional cable provider. 

In its earnings, the carrier did not disclose an updated number for how many home internet customers have signed up for its service, which recently dropped back to $50 per month

All told, the carrier touts that it now has nearly 107 million customers.

T-Mobile says that its low-band 5G network (marketed as "Extended Range") now covers 308 million people, while its faster midband network (which it calls "Ultra Capacity") has expanded to 190 million people. It touts that the average download speeds on its midband network is now at 400Mbps. 

The carrier has previously said that it plans to reach 200 million people with midband 5G by the end of 2021.

As for the financials, T-Mobile reported revenues of $19.6 billion with a diluted earnings-per-share of 55 cents. Analysts, as polled by Yahoo Finance, expected revenues of $20.18 billion and an EPS of 52 cents.