T-Mobile bumps up its 'unlimited' data throttling point

The carrier has increased its monthly data allotment from 28GB to 30GB before your speed gets throttled.

T-Mobile customers will get an extra 2GB of data at 4G LTE each month.

Are you a T-Mobile customer and worried that you're burning through your bucket of monthly mobile data?

Perhaps this will help you breathe a little easier. The carrier has raised its throttling limbo bar by a few inches, to 30GB per monthly billing, a cycle up from 28GB.

T-Mobile-focused website TMOnews reported that this unpublicized shift took place Wednesday. To be fair, this threshold isn't a hard cutoff but rather a priority queue. Essentially mobile data hogs who scarf down 30GB of video, music or what have you will have their additional requests for data "prioritized below other customers."

A T-Mobile spokesperson did respond to CNET about the policy. "As people use more data, we update the policy periodically to adjust for the top 3% of data users."

Of course any limit on an unlimited data plan sounds like a cap or at least a method for putting the brakes on certain subscribers.