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T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700g: now even juicier

Take the full keyboard of the 7290, mix in the brighter screen of the 7100t, sprinkle with a faster processor and more memory, and you've got yourself a tasty BlackBerry 8700g pie

T-Mobile is adding the BlackBerry 8700g to its range of BlackBerry devices. The 8700g combines the full Qwerty keyboard of the 7290 with the more modern styling and brighter screen of the 7100t, sweetening the mix with a faster processor and twice the memory of previous versions.

Although it's still primarily an email device, the higher screen resolution (320x240 pixels versus 240x160 on the 7290) and faster processor make it more versatile than its predecessors. It offers a better Web-browsing experience and it's easier to view email attachments such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. You also have more space for installing third-party applications. Convenience features include shortcut buttons for adjusting the screen brightness and switching into Silent mode, and themes for customising the look and feel.

The BlackBerry 8700g will be available from T-Mobile from early February, priced at £190, or £80 with an 18-month Relax 200 contract. -ML