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T-Mobile announces a $200 5G smartphone

It's the carrier's lowest price yet for a 5G-connected phone.

Revvl 5G phone
The Revvl V+ 5G costs $199.

T-Mobile has announced another 5G smartphone for a reasonably low price tag. On Wednesday, T-Mobile said it would soon be releasing the Revvl V+ 5G for $199 in store on July 12. 

You can also purchase the Revvl V+ 5G for $8.34 per month, plus the cost of your monthly phone plan. The smartphone will be exclusive to T-Mobile and its counterpart, Metro PCS.

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"Revvl smartphones have always been about giving people a no-compromises experience: great features at a great price," Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, said in a statement.

The smartphone features a 16MP camera, 5,000 mAh battery, Android 11 and a 6.82-inch screen. It will be available in Nebula Black.

In addition to the phone launch, 5G giant T-Mobile also announced a 5G augmented reality game. The game allows the consumer to emit light onto a fictitious 5G map as fast as possible. Through the game, players have a chance to win a free Revvl V+ 5G.    

Last August, T-Mobile announced a $400 5G phone, but the Revvl V+ 5G is the cheapest sale price the company has ever announced.