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SwiftKey Flow lets you swipe on your Android keyboard

Announced today, the upcoming SwiftKey Flow app for Android adds Swype-like functionality to the "smart" word predictions of the original SwiftKey app.


Looks like Android's top-selling keyboard app, SwiftKey, has a sibling in the works, in the form of a new program called SwiftKey Flow. Officially announced today, SwiftKey Flow takes a page out of competitor Swype's book, by letting its users input text via continuous gliding gestures.

What differentiates SwiftKey Flow, however, is the underlying natural-language technology that's been migrated over from the original SwiftKey keyboard app. This means that users of the new Flow will get not only the flexibility of choosing between a traditional tapping style and a Swype-like gliding style of typing, but also the uniquely "intelligent" word corrections and predictions that SwiftKey has been known for.

Unfortunately, SwiftKey Flow does not yet have a release date. As of now, the team behind the app is scheduled to start beta testing with SwiftKey's VIP community within the next few weeks. And according to Joe Braidwood, CMO of SwiftKey, the company is aiming to release SwiftKey Flow publicly sometime in the first quarter of next year. But as we all know, that timeline could certainly change.