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Surface Mini tipped for 2014, with new Windows 8 update

Microsoft could be cooking up a tiny tablet set for release next year, if fresh rumours are to be believed.

Microsoft is cooking up a tiny version of its Surface device that will be on sale next year, according to fresh claims concerning Ballmer and pals' tablet plans.

The so-called Surface Mini will make its debut in early 2014, ZDNet reports, citing sources who are au fait with Microsoft's schemes. The tablet is tipped to arrive in conjunction with a new version of Windows 8.1, reportedly code named 'Spring 2014 GDR'.

That'll be an update that could coincide with 'Windows Phone Blue', a rumoured major update to Microsoft's mobile operating system, possibly leading to a new version of Windows 8, a new version of Windows Phone and a new tablet, all around the same time.

Lucky us, eh? But there are clouds of uncertainty hanging over all of Microsoft's tablet plans, as it's currently in the process of buying Nokia's mobile division.

Nokia is also reckoned to be making a tablet, but the acquisition process could mix up either company's schemes. Microsoft reportedly wants Nokia to cancel its tablet -- perhaps it's hoping that Nokia could step in to build the Surface Mini.

Microsoft has only just divulged details of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets, which will be on sale in the UK on 22 October. The Surface 2 starts at £359, while the Pro 2 (which runs a full-fat version of Windows 8, as opposed to Windows RT which only lets you install apps from Microsoft's app store), will set you back at least £719.

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