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'Safe' Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China

Samsung has spent untold millions recalling the Galaxy Note 7, but one of the "safe" units has reportedly exploded in China.

Juan Garzon / CNET

The tendency of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire has led to the company's global recall of around 2.5 million of the phones, to be replaced with new, safe units.

Samsung could have another problem on its hands, though, as a Chinese man says a brand new Note 7 exploded on him, Bloomberg reported. Samsung had previously said Chinese models of the phone were safe as they use a different battery than Note 7 devices sold in the rest of the world.

Hu Renjie, 25, claimed his brand new Note 7, bought over the weekend from, exploded while charging, burning two of his fingers and damaging a MacBook Pro.

Hu said that a representative from Samsung paid him a visit concerning this incident and asked for the smouldering corpse of his phone to perform an autopsy, but he refused.

The case is yet to be officially verified, and Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, it comes after another Chinese Note 7 reportedly exploded last week, though Samsung and its Chinese battery supplier Amperex Technology concluded that incident was due to external heat, not a hardware fault.

Samsung has been doing said recalls of the phone for almost a month now, and says it has recovered more than 60 percent of the devices in the US and South Korea. In Europe, the company says the number of recalled devices is 57 percent.

ATL and were also contacted, but neither responded immediately.