Super Bowl 2022 Twitter: Best 15 accounts to follow for the big game

Follow these 15 Twitter pages leading up to and during Super Bowl LVI.

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Matt Elliott
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We didn't get Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs nor Josh Allen and the Bills. Neither the Packers with Aaron Rodgers nor Tom Brady and the Bucs. After three rounds of the NFL playoffs, we've arrived at Super Bowl LVI with a surprising matchup as both conferences' No. 4 seeds have reached the title game. The Cincinnati Bengals edged the Kansas City Chiefs out in overtime in the AFC Championship, and the Los Angeles Rams knocked out the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. 

Despite two teams playing in the Super Bowl that few people would have expected, the game has no shortage of stars. The Rams are loaded with talent, starting with defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who might be the most dominating force in football. And on the backend of the Rams' defense is Jalen Ramsey, one of the most talented defensive backs in the league. Ramsey will have his hands full with Bengals rookie receiver Ja'Marr Chase. Chase might have had one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory, but the Rams employ the best receiver in football right now: Cooper Kupp. 

And then there's the contrast in quarterbacks. After wallowing for 12 largely lost seasons in Detroit, Matthew Stafford is finally experiencing playoff success in his first season with the Rams. For the Bengals, Joe Burrow has firmly established himself as a franchise QB in only his second season.

To get ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday, here are 15 great NFL Twitter follows. They're sure to be in full swing leading up to kickoff, as well as during the game itself and the halftime show. 

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Let's start with the obvious: the official NFL Twitter account, where you'll find analysis, league news and press conference clips leading up to the game. And during the game, it'll tweet out highlights and updates. Also keep an eye on the hashtags #SuperBowlLVI and #SBLVI during the game.

@Bengals and @RamsNFL

Attention: Bengals fans and Rams fans.


Seahawks fan, analyst for ESPN's NFL Live show and host of the podcast The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny. Lenny is her dog.


Former NFL QB and Mina's buddy on NFL Live. Crushes tape to break down the X's and O's to explain how the game works. It's way more complicated than enormous men repeatedly running into each other.


Former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger now covers the NFL for Fox and breaks down film each week on Twitter. Check out #BaldysBreakdowns for brief but in-depth videos on the various matchups we'll see in Super Bowl LVI.


NFL writer for The Ringer and host of the Slow News Day video series.


Beat writer for the NFL's TheRams.com.


Beat writer for the NFL's Bengals.com.

@Bill_Shea19, @JourdanRodrigue and @pauldehnerjr

I'm grouping these into one item because this trio writes for the excellent but subscription-based The Athletic. Shea writes about sports and the business of sports, among other free-ranging topics, Rodrigue is the Rams beat writer for The Athletic, and Dehner Jr. is The Athletic's Bengals beat writer.


Embrace your inner football nerd. Next Gen Stats offers a deep dive into how the game of football works, but it's more fun and informative than opaque and overwhelming. 


Previously the Sports Illustrated domain of Peter King, the Monday Morning Quarterback column is still alive and kicking. 


Peter King is still Peter King, but doing so at NBC Sports with his Football Morning in America column. You can also listen to The Peter King Podcast.