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Sumo wrestlers to get free iPads

Sumo wrestlers who find smart phones and PCs much to fiddly for them to type on are bought iPads, which their fat fingers find much more easy to prod and type messages on.

The iPad may seem like an oversized iPhone to some of you, but for sumo wrestlers in Japan that is exactly the point.

According to Reuters, Japan's sumo association will be handing out free iPads to make sure they can get in touch with the grapplers, as telephone and faxing had become unreliable.

And before you mention that the iPad doesn't make calls, that won't be a problem, as they will be using the iPads for things like email, and perhaps sumo social networking.

The Jiji news agency said that they were being handed out to sumo clubs as stablemasters didn't use computers, and wrestlers couldn't punch in messages on smart phones with their big fingers. The iPad's large touch-screen keys could be easily prodded by the sumo wrestler.

The BBC quoted Nikkan Sports as saying, "When they try to send e-mail on mobile phones or PCs they often end up pressing two or three keys at once."

iPads are being handed out to combat communication problems between wrestlers and officials, after a series of gambling scandals rocked the sumo world.

Image credit: CC Eugene Flores/ Flickr