StumbleUpon app for iPhone and Android out now

You will now be able to 'stumble' random Web sites on the go thanks to the StumbleUpon app being made available for download on iPhone and Android

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

Android and iPhone owners will be able to discover weird and wonderful Web pages they would never have otherwise experienced thanks to a new StumbleUpon app.

It takes the StumbleUpon experience mobile, letting you can discover and rate random Web pages recommended to you by others.

It works by getting you, the stumbler, to click on a 'stumble' button that takes you to a random page which you can rate with thumbs up or thumbs down buttons.

It's not totally random though, as you're led to more websites that have got the thumbs up than down, and you can adjust settings to stumble on to categories of sites you have more interest in.

Our sister site CNET.com has had a quick test drive of the app, which works by adding a built-in frame on top of or underneath an embedded browser.

There you get the stumble, thumbs up and thumbs down buttons and the opportunity to share pages on StumbleUpon as well as social networks.

Unlike the desktop version though, mobile users have to sign up or be a registered user of StumbleUpon before they can use it.

Mashable remarked that it missed the ability to add content users come across outside of the app, while the iPhone version was much faster than Android.

StumbleUpon has been around for nearly ten years, and can be a really good way of finding websites that real people, rather than search engines, are looking at. It also has the potential to send you to some extreme weirdness, depending on what kind of things you've opted to look at -- an excellent feature for many people.

The app is available on iTunes and the Android Market. So far it has been very well reviewed, with downloaders remarking that it is perfect for times when you don't have anything to do. Will you be stumbling upon it?