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Stock up on batteries with 25% off AmazonBasics alkalines

The discount applies to lithium and hearing-aid batteries as well. Plus: Improve your Roku or Fire TV remote for $20.


A lot of batteries for not a lot of money.


So many tech items these days rely on rechargeable batteries, it's easy to forget we still need regular old alkalines for lots of things: game controllers, drone remotes, TV remotes, kids' toys, garage-door openers, smoke alarms and so on.

Good news: For a limited time, Amazon is taking 25% off many AmazonBasics batteries when you apply promo code POWER25 at checkout. That code should also work with lithium and hearing-aid batteries.

So, for example, you can get a 48-pack of AA alkaline batteries for just $10.49 with that code. Or get an eight-pack of 9-volt batteries for just $7.20 -- because you're long overdue to swap out the all the smoke-alarm batteries, right? Just make sure to choose the One-time Purchase option, unless you want to start receiving batteries on a subscription basis.

These AmazonBasics bulk batteries are already a killer deal compared to, say, the Duracells you'll find at the drugstore. At CVS, for example, a measly eight-pack of Duracell Coppertop AAs costs $10.79.

Ah, but how do the two brands compare? Surprisingly well, according to Consumer Reports' AA battery ratings. (You need a membership to see the results. I have one, lucky for you.) The AmazonBasics scored a 71 overall. Duracell's Coppertop earned an 80.

I'll add that I've used Amazon's batteries for several years and have found them to be fine overall. Even if I've had to replace them a bit more often than I would another brand, with this big a price difference, I don't mind.

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Bonus deal: Give your Apple TV, Fire TV or Roku remote a Sideclick for $20


The Sideclick adds programmable buttons to your Roku remote.


Yep, "Sideclick." Sounds like "sidekick," right? Exactly the idea. This clever accessory adds TV-control buttons to your streaming-device remote, effectively turning two remotes into one.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment for $19.99. Regular price: $29.99.

There are four versions available, one each for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Nvidia Shield. The Sideclick is basically a clip-on strip of buttons you can program to control TV power, volume, channel up/down, input and so on.

If your remote already does some or all of that -- you have an actual Roku TV, for example -- then you can use the Sideclick for something like your Blu-ray player or sound bar.

Like I said: clever. And for $20, a very affordable way to help you cut down on remote-juggling.

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