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Stealthy startup Clinkle nabs former Netflix CFO

The Silicon Valley darling that has yet to unveil a product hires industry veteran Barry McCarthy.

Clinkle's new COO Barry McCarthy.

Clinkle, the mobile payments startup that's backed by many of Silicon Valley's biggest names, has now lured Netflix's former chief financial officer to its new management team.

Clinkle announced Tuesday that Barry McCarthy will join the stealthy company as its chief operating officer. McCarthy, who played a key role in Netflix's previous success, left the video streaming company in December 2010 after 12 years as its CFO. He has since invested in various companies and serves on the board of several, including Pandora, Eventbrite and Chegg. McCarthy will play a key role in Clinkle's product launch and the growth of the company, according to a press release.

"Clinkle is one of those rare Netflix-like opportunities, only bigger," McCarthy in the release. "Lucas has a grand vision for broad-scale disruption of a huge consumer market enabled by growth in mobile devices and brilliant software innovation. That's why Clinkle has been funded by some of the smartest money in Silicon Valley and why I signed on to be Lucas' partner."

It's another weighty endorsement for the startup, which has yet to officially unveil a product. Aside from raising $25 million for its initial funding from a slew of Valley bigwigs, Clinkle also signed Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson as an investor and adviser. Clinkle CEO Lucas Duplan has said in the past that Clinkle will serve as a digital wallet, without the need for merchants to adopt new hardware.