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Star Wars Project Porg teased by Magic Leap better not be a Jedi mind trick

The experiment by ILMxLab is said to be "hatching soon."

Magic Leap and ILMxLAB teased the release of the Star Wars Project Porg experience.

Last October, I got to hang out with C-3PO and two adorable Porgs in a living room at Magic Leap's developer conference. This wasn't some Jedi mind trick, but rather an experiment made by ILMxLab called Star Wars Project Porg. On Wednesday, ILMxLab teased on Twitter that Project Porg would be "hatching soon." This is fantastic news if you ever wanted to befriend and live with a porg. I mean who hasn't, right?

Star Wars Project Porg was one of my favorite demos at Magic Leap Con. In the experience, C-3PO, who is actually voiced by Anthony Daniels, instructs you on how to care for a pair of cute porgs. Think of it kind of like adopting a cat or dog that only live on a Magic Leap One headset.

Magic Leap took to Twitter on Thursday to add more porg hype. "Hey #PorgNation, Chewie isn't the only one who gets to make friends with Porgs. #ProjectPorg is coming soon to #MagicLeapOne."

While there still isn't an official release date for Star Wars Project Porg, it's a no-brainer that if you own a Magic Leap One headset, you have to try it. Just don't try to eat one like Chewbacca.

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