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Star Wars augmented reality game makes the Kessel run to our hearts in less than twelve parsecs

THQ Wireless is working on an iPhone game that will see players manning the guns of the Millennium Falcon. The game uses the iPhone's camera and internal sensors to put your surroundings in the game.

Red Five standing by!

Scroll down just a little and you'll see test footage from Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner -- a soon-to-be-released iPhone game from THQ Wireless that puts iPhone owners in the gunner's pod of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy -- the one and only Millennium Falcon.

The game, which is being put together by New York-based developers Vertigore, uses the iPhone's camera, internal compass and sensors to layer hordes of screaming TIE fighters over your actual real-life surroundings. But don't worry -- if you don't fancy augmented reality there's a regular backdrop mode too apparently.

The video shows you'll be able to use two on-screen virtual joysticks to fire your weapons and manoeuvre the Falcon's quad-lasers. Incidentally, Wookieepedia informs us that those are Corellian AG-2G cannons, or possibly large-bore Dennia quads -- there is some debate within the extended universe.

Check out the video -- we think this game is looking ace, especially with the sound effects and music thrumming in the background. We'd say to Vertigore, "That's great, kid, don't get cocky" -- it takes more than fancy augmented reality trickery to create a game with staying power. But the developers would doubtless find our lack of faith disturbing.

Once you've watched the video, let us know what you think in the comments or on our Facebook wall. Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner is due for release winter of this year and features more than 20 levels of arcade action. We don't know how many credits it'll set you back though.