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Spurred by Amazon launch, T-Mobile moves Uncarrier 5.0 event to Seattle

Citing that being Un-carrier means being more agile, T-Mobile scrambles to change its launch event to Seattle after Amazon announces a major device launch on the same day.

T-Mobile's revised invite to press T-Mobile

T-Mobile has heard the cry of mobile industry-watchers and officially changed the location of its fifth Uncarrier unveiling from Los Angeles to Seattle.

The move and revised invitation come on the heels of news of fellow Seattleite Amazon's own launch event the same day.

T-Mobile's new outreach to journalists reads:

Our Seattle neighbor Amazon has big news on the 18th too - and right in our own back yard. We are looking forward to it! We heard a lot of journalists were planning to cover one or both events remotely, or send people to two places on the 18th. What a pain! And, you know, we do love to eliminate pain points. So, in true Un-carrier fashion, we are eliminating this pain point by moving Un-carrier 5.0 to Seattle on June 18th.

It isn't clear exactly if there are other ways that T-Mobile will revise the event, which was slated for a little Hollywood fanfare. We're also unsure what time either event will take place -- Amazon hasn't set its stake in the ground at this point, and it's looking like T-Mobile will shift its schedule around Amazon's plans. We'll keep you posted.