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Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Android 4.2 update

The Sprint version of Samsung's smartphone is the latest to receive the newest Jelly Bean software update, while the Verizon model is left behind.

The Galaxy Nexus may be more than a year old, but this Android 4.2 update keeps it current.
CBS Interactive

The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has begun receiving the Android 4.2 software update, according to various reports surfacing this week.

The 98MB file can be manually downloaded and installed, but the carrier has yet to make any formal announcements.

CNET has contacted Sprint for comment and will update the article with any response.

Sprint may have been months behind Verizon releasing the Galaxy Nexus, but the smaller carrier has been much more active in offering updates. The Verizon model, for its part, is still running Jelly Bean 4.1.1.

While this isn't the worst situation to be in, it does add fuel to the fragmentation fire. Both devices are considered a "Pure Google" experience, which means they should be first in line to receive an OS update. However, Sprint's phone is now four small version updates ahead of Verizon's model.

Since Google is hosting the 4.2 software file directly on its servers (ZIP file,) it is only a matter of time before Sprint pushes the update itself.

Those who like to take things into their own hands can flash the ROM on their phone today, though I suspect the over-the-air version is right around the corner.