Sprint's Q3 road map leaked?

This is My Next leaks what appears to be Sprint's Q3 road map.

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Nicole Lee

Sprint's Q3 road map has reportedly been leaked, and This is My Next has the scoop of several phones that should raise your eyebrows.

First is the Samsung Epic 2, which we suspect is a successor to the Samsung Epic 4G. It will have a slightly faster 1.2GHz single-core Hummingbird processor and an 8-megapixel camera (an improvement over the Epic 4G's 5-megapixel), and that appears to be the extent of the changes. The new one will apparently have the same 4-inch display as the original. The other rumored device is a "full touch 4G" handset, which we don't know too many details about. This is My Next speculates that it could be the Samsung Galaxy S II rebranded as the Galaxy Within.

Moving to non-Android devices, we will hopefully finally see the BlackBerry Bold Touch and Monaco on Sprint as well (those names aren't final, however). Both handsets will have a dual-mode CDMA/GSM chipset, so it will be easily supported overseas. There might also be a new push-to-talk BlackBerry. As for more-basic push-to-talk options, a couple of Kyocera/Sanyo handsets are allegedly in the works as well.

Of course details are still scant at this point, so we hope there might be more coming down the pipeline.