Sprint's Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Nexus to taste Jelly Bean first

The pair of Samsung smartphones will be the carrier's first to see Jelly Bean.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
The Nexus S 4G and Galaxy Nexus are getting Android 4.1 updates. Sprint

Sprint today confirmed that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rollouts have begun for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Nexus S 4G.

The updates will be made available to consumers over the air and will not require Samsung Kies. According to Sprint, Android 4.1 will download in the background and notify users when it's ready to install.

As we first learned in June, Jelly Bean brings a number of new features to Android devices, including enhanced notifications, Google Now, and smarter widget management.

Sprint also reiterates the added accessibility features that come with Android 4.1. Once these two phones have received their updates, "Gesture Mode" will allow blind users to navigate the UI using touch and swipe gestures in combination with speech output. What's more, Jelly Bean opens the door to external Braille input and output devices using Bluetooth and USB.

It's quite possible that some Sprint users have already seen Android 4.1 for their respective handset as early as last week. If you haven't received your notification yet, just wait a few days. Should anyone need help installing the Jelly Bean update, Sprint has put together dedicated forums for the Nexus S 4G and Galaxy Nexus.