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Sprint's new leasing plans deliver annual upgrades to all

The new Sprint Flex and Sprint Deals programs let you pick the phone of your choice and decide later if it's keeper.


Sprint's Flex leases aim to put an end to phone buyer's remorse. 

Josh Miller/CNET

Like getting a new phone every year? Sprint would like to help you with that, regardless of your budget. 

The telecom company is rolling out a new lease option called Sprint Flex that lets you pick a phone now and then decide at 18 months whether you want to continue your lease, buy it outright or just flat out return it and upgrade. Or better yet, you can pay $5 a month extra for the option to upgrade after a year. And those who select an iPhone or flagship Samsung Galaxy device don't even have to pay the monthly charge. 

Another option, called Sprint Deals, makes picking up a new more affordable phone, well, more affordable. If you're willing to have Sprint check your credit you can qualify for a Sprint Flex postpaid plan that requires $25 down for entry-level devices and $30 down for premium ones and a monthly charge of $5 or $10, respectively. 

For those who want to skip the credit check, you can instead get on a Sprint Forward prepaid plan and get 50 percent off or 25 percent off entry-level or high-end devices, respectively. With either of the Sprint Deals options, you can upgrade to a new device after making 12 consecutive, on-time monthly payments.