Sprint to launch 'major device' by Oct. 15

A leaked memo suggesting that Sprint employees will be denied vacation time in late October may suggest that the carrier will debut the iPhone then.

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Kent German

Could a vacation blackout in early Ocotber mean the iPhone is coming to Sprint? SprintFeed

Sprint may be prepping for "a major phone launch" by October 15, according to an internal carrier memo obtained by SprintFeed. The leaked document doesn't detail much besides informing employees of a vacation blackout from September 30 through October 15 due to the "possibility" of a big event.

SprintFeed also leaps to the admittedly logical conclusion that the device will be a new version of Apple's iPhone. Indeed, we don't see much else on Sprint's horizon that could count as "major" and chatter of a Sprint iPhone has rapidly increased since an October date was first floated last month. Just this morning, for instance, Bloomberg reported that Sprint will sell the handset with an unlimited data plan (a scenario that CNET's Roger Cheng doesn't see lasting for long). We also heard earlier this week that Sprint is installing network repeaters in Apple stores so customers can test Sprint iPhones with a strong signal.

If it happens, Sprint will no doubt see some benefit from joining the iPhone family. But as Roger told us late last month, the move would also carry some risks.