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Sprint to cap mobile hotspot plans at 5GB per month in October

A leaked page from Sprint's playbook indicates the carrier is set to implement a cap on its mobile hotspot service.

Sprint to change mobile hotspot plans on October 2nd. AndroidCentral

Sprint has become the latest carrier to make changes to its data plans, although they are not as drastic as one might expect. So put the pitch forks away, at least for now.

The carrier isn't following Verizon by getting rid of its unlimited data plan, by come October 2 it will begin capping its mobile hostpot at 5GB per month for both new and existing subscribers.

This change will affect only those customers who pay for the $29.99 add-on plan and will not affect smartphone data use on the carrier's cellular network. Previously, Sprint subscribers were able to share their 3G and 4G connection across multiple devices with no limitations.

According to AndroidCentral, Sprint will be implementing a similar change to other broadband products such as tablets, portable hotspots, and aircards. Once the 5GB limit is reached, overages will be charged at a rate of $0.05 per megabyte.

In a statement to Boy Genius Report, Sprint has confirmed the change in plans. Emphasizing the carrier's overall value, a spokesperson reiterates that the Mobile Hotspot data feature is optional and will be calculated independent of a customer's phone data usage.